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When Gecko Met Woody

January 16, 2012 - 5:44 pm No Comments

Gecko went up to London, and who should we meet but…

In the office we are big fans of Toy Story, we watched the films again over Christmas! So, we couldn’t resist getting a photo with one of the team and the superb Woody!

When Gecko met Woody

When Gecko met Woody

Woody was charming, polite and a very happy chap!

Glitterballs, Glamour and SCD

December 9, 2011 - 11:52 am 1,078 Comments
Chelsee and Pasha at Strictly Come Dancing Quarter Finals

Chelsee and Pasha at Strictly Come Dancing Quarter Finals

Gecko was delighted when we won two tickets to the Strictly Come Dancing Quarter Finals! What a day!!! Two avid fans arrived at about 12.30pm to join an already long queue… we stood in the cold for an hour to gain our places – we were no. 190 and 191. Once we had our number we were allowed to go, warm up and look round the fabulous Westfield – and get something to eat. Then back again by 3pm to queue again to get in… handing our mobile phones in (strictly strict security) then into TV studio, passing Gene Hunt’s Audio and into BBC TV Centre. Time for a warming cup of coffee… then to our seats for the filming. We were sat at the back – but our view was good and we thoroughly enjoyed the show, from the celebrity dances, the judges remarks to the fabulous Alfie Boe.

During the show (not while the filming was taking place) we said Hi to Brendan Cole… so afterwards Brendan gave us the ‘sacred wristbands’ so that we could go up to the BBC Bar to mingle with the dancers, celebrities and guests.

Gecko catching up with Brendan Cole after SCD

Gecko catching up with Brendan Cole after SCD

We loved catching up with Brendan – and meeting Anton, Chelsee, Holly, Claudia, Craig, Bruno, etc, etc. It was a great evening… special thanks from Gecko to Brendan for letting us join in the fun!
Gecko meets the lovely Craig Revel Horwood

Gecko meets the lovely Craig Revel Horwood

Amazing Media!

November 17, 2011 - 6:12 pm No Comments

Silvio Berlusconi - Crooner Extraordinaire!

Silvio Berlusconi - Crooner Extraordinaire!

We are speechless – an amazing piece of news and incredible use of the media for self promotion.

Semi-Naked SJ Served Up On A Plate!

November 15, 2011 - 4:11 pm 1,016 Comments

SJ says "Relate to who's on your plate!"
As part of World Vegan Day, Gecko’s friend SJ (of kids telly fame) got semi-naked in Trafalgar Square and lay on a plate, with super sized chips and peas.
SJ only became a Vegetarian six years ago, and about a year ago decided to go vegan, she now works with a range of vegan companies and charities to encourage veganism and raise awareness of cruelty to animals.

SJ is great fun – what’s not to like about someone who is bendy enough to get into a washing machine!

Misery Bear – hero of our time!

November 1, 2011 - 9:34 am 1,009 Comments

Misery Bear is the saddest, loneliest, most suicidal teddy bear in the whole world. A borderline alcoholic with anger management issues, the furry little critter is the star of a series of BBC short films – and a marketing phenomena

The furry anti-hero has 34,500+ fans on Facebook , around 17,000 followers on Twitter, his videos reach millions of viewers, he’s raised a huge amount of money for comic relief (via a video with Kate Moss which was broadcast on BBC1 Red Nose Day) and he’s even written a book (Misery Bear’s Guide to Love & Heartbreak).

For Halloween Misery Bear dressed as a pirate – scary eh!<

Misery Bear the pirate[/caption]