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Lest we forget – The Poppy – 90 years old and not political

November 13, 2011 - 12:23 pm 1,574 Comments

Lest we forget, today is Remembrance Sunday – and even if one doesn’t agree with war, here at Gecko we believe we should always acknowledge those who (whether they agreed or not with the war they were part of) gave their lives, so that we could live, so that those who would steam-roll over common men were not given power.

England Football Squad Poppy Armband

England Football Squad Poppy Armband

We are pleased that FIFA allowed the poppy – a symbol of remembrance for ‘the fallen’ – to be worn on the players black armbands. And, I think we should be thankful to FIFA for raising awareness of the Poppy Appeal – they did a brilliant PR campaign for the British Legion!