Wine, Women and…

March 17, 2014 - 3:29 pm 1,004 Comments

Yes, time has flown again! It’s March already! Spring has finally arrived at #GeckoHQ, we even saw sunshine yesterday!

Sometime ago at the LIWF (London International Wine Fair) we got chatting to the glamorous Winebird over a glass of Cava at the Drinks Business Awards

Well, they say that all good things come to those who wait… we are delighted to announce that Gecko Communications has been appointed to work with Winebird

Winebird and #Winedog

Winebird and Ludwig the #Winedog

The agency will be working to highlight Winebird’s unique approach to de-mystifying wine, while raising awareness of the Winebird brand and launching her concept of wine knowledge, which is recreated in her first book ‘Vinalogy – wine basics with a twist’, to a range of audiences. Activities will include a launch reception, events and partnerships, media liaison and social media.

“I’m really excited to be working with Gecko Communications to launch the Winebird concept of Vinalogy, replacing dry winemaking facts with memorable, visual analogies.” commented Helena Nicklin, The Winebird. “Wine should be a sexy subject. Many people would love to know a little more about it without having to wade through technical winemaking details. You simply don’t need them at first! Wine should be a fabulous voyage of discovery and I want everyone to know that the fun bit it is actually where you should start. Gecko understands the Winebird concept and I believe we can tap into their knowledge and experience of both the lifestyle and drinks arena to reach the growing number of people who want to enjoy the process of understanding what they’re drinking.”

Deborah Ingham, of Gecko Communications replied: “We are looking forward to working with Winebird, to bridge the gap between wine experts and those who simply want to know a little more about the wine they drink. With a background in buying and selling quality wines, as well as a ‘degree in booze’, Winebird is glamorous and knowledgeable. Therefore, the campaign will communicate a different perspective on wine, highlighting Winebird’s modern approach to the subject – watch out for Winebird’s Cowboy, Beekeeper and Ballerina!”

We are already enjoying working with Winebird. The appointment story has been posted on Fashion Monitor, The Diary and Gorkana:
And, we are expecting editorial in several of the drinks trade publications in the near future.

Plans are afoot… and we are looking forward to events, editorial coverage and much more!

1,004 Responses to “Wine, Women and…”

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